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Thom Solo is a professional digital illustrator, colorist, story boarder, character designer, and artist for the past 18 years. After pursuing a degree in Graphics Technology and seeing the progression of illustrative art veer into the digital sphere, he started to bridge the analog and digital visual world with his work, embracing burgeoning tech with traditional techniques.  His creative process begins with digital and pencil sketches, followed by digital and traditional inking, shading, and coloring to achieve his desired effect. He has shown his work in multiple gallery exhibitions and is a prominent figure within the art convention circuit. Thomas has also worked as a Disney artist and manager for 17 years at Walt Disney World. 




2021 - Grant Recipient, Artist Relief Grant, Co-sponsored by: The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, The Willem de Kooning Foundation, The Helen Frankenthaler Foundation, The Kinkade Family Foundation, The Carolee Schneemann Foundation, The Lenore G. Tawney Foundation, and The Teiger Foundation.

Past Projects:

Story Board Artist: Little Red Riding Hood iPhone App Commercial

Comic Book Illustration: Destination Zombie Island

Logo Design for Bands: Soul Circus, Bubba & the Whoopoffs

Character Design: Pool Hall Game for iPhone and Android

Game Design: AARP Hidden Pictures for iPhone

Designer and Art Direction: Super Villains Board Game

Logo designer for Apple Music Podcasts: Table Talk, Cretin's Guild Podcast, The Fan-tastic Podcast

Merchandise Design: The Bob & Moe BBQ Show

Presenter: Orlando Maker Faire

Featured Artist: Mega Con, Orlando Toy & Comic Con, ICC Con, Clermont Comic Con, Space Coast Comic Con, Infinity Toy & Comic Con, Lakeland Fan Expo, Ignition Ink, Geeky Con, Wonderfest, North Florida Comic Con

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